Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So today at work, I notice what shouldn't exist yet. I mean, it is the middle of January and in the 20's for Pete's sake! A spider was dangling from it's web outside the window. Granted, it was tiny and barely noticeable, but I mean COME ON! I'm so not ready for these bugs!

It wasn't my only encounter with bugs today. Oh, no. A stupid gnat had the nerve to bother me during my lunch break and I was INSIDE! Please tell me I'm not the only one not ready for this...

On a better note, I'm drinking a delicious peach smoothie. I think it would be better with fresh peaches but all I had on hand was the little fruit cups in 100% juice. I mixed it up with milk and it foamed up on top. This is the second time a smoothie has done this to me recently. I need to figure out why because a smoothie shouldn't be half-foam. I'm thinking it might be the milk. Not that I think it's gone bad because it better not be. I just opened it! But I've made protein shakes in the blender with milk, the powder, and some peanut butter and they would foam up too. I thought it was the protein powder. I guess not. Stupid milk. Why does it have to separate?

Well, I guess I better finish it off before it gets warm!

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